Gorgeous Gelato – Portland, Maine


Have you ever had gelato? I’m talking about REAL gelato… The kind made by a true Italian, daily, and sold just feet from where it all comes to life? Well tonight we did.

My wife and I are vacationing/road-tripping through a few states this week and tonight we’re in Portland, Maine. It’s a really cool town with TONS of character and lots of places to eat. (score!) After a truly disappointing lunch (you really don’t want to hear about it) we checked into our hotel and took a little break from exploring. We tried to search out places for supper, but with it being Labor Day several places are closed – so we decided to take to the streets and explore the city on our own. We wandered by the coolest small pasta place and enjoyed two plates of delicious home-made ravioli. I’m glad to report that our supper was a FAR better experience!  With such a rewarding find under our belts – and in our bellies – we decided to explore dessert options. (because everyone knows you always need dessert when you’re on vacation) While walking through the historic cobblestone-lined streets we ran across a couple of ice-cream places and two gelato shops. After looking in the windows we decided gelato was going to be our sweet choice for the night. We proceeded to walk past Gorgeous Gelato and discuss whether we should indulge there or across the street at another gelato company. When a lady on the sidewalk overheard us she immediately told us that we were just steps from truly THE BEST gelato we would ever have.

Heather had a scoop of Coconut and a scoop of Dark Chocolate, and I had a had a scoop of Panna Cotta Caramel and Dark Chocolate. Boy, oh boy, was that lady outside on the sidewalk right! It was perfect… Absolutely decedent!

Everything was on point – the atmosphere, the staff, the location, the gelato, the prices… And even the paint colors were great! This was seriously one of the best finds I’ve ever run across for something sweet! (I’m pretty sure we’re going back in the morning when we check out of the hotel for an espresso! And maybe I’ll see if Heather will let me get mine “affogato” style – over a little scoop of gelato!)

If you’re ever in Portland, Maine you MUST stop by for a scoop (or more) of the best gelato! DuVine actually just rated GG the #1 gelato in America!  gorgeous_gelato_maine_jordan_tickle_photo-5gorgeous_gelato_maine_jordan_tickle_photo-3gorgeous_gelato_maine_jordan_tickle_photo-2gorgeous_gelato_maine_jordan_tickle_photo-4gorgeous_gelato_maine_jordan_tickle_photo-6gorgeous_gelato_maine_jordan_tickle_photo-7


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