Coffee Mug Feature: Old City Coffee – Philadelphia


Today’s “mug feature” goes out to this cool dude we picked up on our trip to Philly a couple of weeks ago. We were hired by a super cool couple to come up that way and shoot their wedding (check it out here) and decided to hang around for a few extra days to check out the city! What a trip we had…

While walking through Reading Terminal Market I scored several killer cups of coffee from Old City Coffee, along with other delicious foods, so when this vintage-beauty-of-a-mug caught my eye I knew it was the mug for me. It made the flight home and has successfully been by go-to mug for the last couple of weeks. It’s the perfect size and keeps my cup of brew nice and warm. So, that’s why this awesome dude win’s the mug feature today!

For those of you that might not know, Heather and I tend to be “mud hoarders.” Well, maybe not hoarders, per say, but we really, really, REALLY love coffee mugs! (The addiction started with me, and I quickly won Heather over.) I haven’t counted them in over a year, but know that our cabinet is stacked full of them, and there’s a box in the storage building with more than 35 inside… We aren’t key chain or t-shirt people, but we ARE coffee mug people. Therefore we usually grab a mug from anywhere we visit, but it doesn’t stop there. If we see a super rad mug, we pick it up. The cooler and quirkier the better! One of the cool things about coming to our house for coffee is that you get to pick any mug you want, and there’s always one to match whatever mood you’re in.

Share photos with me of YOUR favorite coffee mug in the comments!


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