Hey guys and gals – thanks for stopping by the “Eating” blog! I’m Jordan Tickle, a full-time wedding and portrait photographer located just outside Greensboro, NC. I’m married to the best little lady that God ever made and she puts up with my crazy addiction to all things food! My day job is running my studio and making sure my clients have THE best time while I capture memories for them – but after I come home I turn into a mixture of Alton Brown, Ree Drummond and Martha Stewart. Seriously – it’s a little crazy! I love food. Not just eating it, but making it and bringing flavors to life right here in my kitchen! I don’t have any fancy equipment, and that’s what I think makes the dishes I create so cool – anyone can make them if they try!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had my fair share of things that turned out terrible – but that just gives me reason to try another recipe and figure out what I did wrong. I find recipes just about anywhere and then give them a try. If they’re awful I throw them out – but usually they’re pretty good. I then tweak the recipe a little to make in my own and fix the things I’d like changed – then I share it with you, here, on this blog! It’s my dream to one day own a little cafe and eatery, but until then I’ll keep on making a mess right here in my little kitchen and trying out the newest recipes I can get my hands on.

You’ll find all kinds of things here on this blog because I like to make it all. From cakes and candies to roasts and casseroles – you’ll eventually see it all here! Follow me on my journey to find the best recipes this world has to offer.

Happy Everything Food!



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  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for linking back to DuVine when you wrote about Gorgeous Gelato! I’m the content editor at DuVine and would love to talk to you about guest blogging or something of that nature. Let me know if you’re interested!

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